Sunday, January 20, 2008

12 Jan 2008 Lotus Comes Home

Well, the wife and I set off at 4:00am to drive the 650-odd kms to pick up my latest folly!

A bit of personal history: I had an extremely tidy Series Four Lotus Seven that had to be sacrificed around 18 months ago. Basically, I've been sulking about it ever since. I can't afford another nice one but after scraping together as much as I can, I've bought an accident damaged one.

The cars history: After serving as a race car for many years and having done several Targas it was crashed quite heavily, after which the owner lost interest and sold it on, minus its Lotus Twincam and gearbox. It looks like this all happened in 1998/1999 - the last time the car was registered for the road. Since then it has passed through the hands of several owners, none of whom having made any significant progress towards getting it running. They have probably all found out that there is a fair bit more damage than is immediately apparent and have thought better of it. The question is "Will I be one of these owners or will I be the person that manages to get it back on the road?"